Alcyon Film

Second hand equipment

Equipment in very good state
Audio equipment

DAT recorder TASCAM DA-P1 with alimentation 220 volt, 2 battery packs NiMH 7,2 volt (3 Amp./h.), external connection (with XLR 4pin connectors)

Preamplifier-Mixer ACS (Audio Consumer Service) for 2 microphones (XLR), Phantom alimentation 48 Volt, low-cut filter, Stereo MS decoder, connection for headphones and seperate levels, connection to the DAT-recorder (or video camera) with return control of the signal, internal NiMH battery 12 volt, etc.

Porta-Brace for the Tascam + for the Preamplifier-Mixer + battery-packs & small accessories.

Tascam DAT and Preamp-Mixer ACS

Tascam DAT recorder (alone)

Audio PCI card + breakout box 24 bit 96 KHz (for Mac or PC)
Delta 1010 10-in/10-out PCI/Rack audio digital recording system with MIDI and digital in/out (S/PDIF)

Recognized around the world as the top choice in host-based PCI digital audio solutions, the rack-mount Delta 1010 is designed to handle the needs of the most demanding project and professional studios. Superb engineering and ultra-high quality converters deliver fidelity surpassing systems that cost many times more. Multiple inputs accommodate recording numerous tracks simultaneously, including zero-latency monitoring for seamless overdubs. Multiple outs route individual tracks or soft synth/sampler timbres to a mixing console, or directly drive up to 7.1 surround sound systems. The analog outs also remain live for monitoring while mixing or transferring digital signals via S/PDIF. MIDI I/O rounds out everything you need to take advantage of today’s music software.
Photo & cine equipment
Pocket luxmeter Spectra Combi-II,
with spot attachment (spotmeter) & field case

Filter ND 0.9 Tiffen 3x3
Filter 85 Eurofiltre Serie 9 (round)
Filter 85B Eurofiltre Serie 9 (round)
Filter 85 Eurofiltre 77 x 75 mm (round)
Filter Tiffen Grad. ND 0.60 - NIL 70x150 mm

Spectra color viewing filter
Different Tiffen filters & Kodak gelatines filters 75 x 75 mm

Other stuff
- Color, gray & test charts, meter & miscellaneous small accessories
- Lamp 2000 Watt (230 Volt) OSRAM with E40 socket - 3.400° Kelvin, Tungsten for spot
- Lamp 500 Watt (230 Volt) old model A.E.G. With E27 socket
- American Cinematographer 1980 (collectors item)

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